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Thread: Senator Wanggaard still stalling School grounds Carry

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    Senator Wanggaard still stalling School grounds Carry

    Folks we need to press Senator Wanggaard again demanding why he refuses to bring SB589 to the floor for a vote or in my view help garner additional support for this bill. Nik Clark has put forth an update on this effort.

    Greetings in Freedom,

    Last week I sent an email update relaying the final results of SB589 "School Grounds Carry" which did not move forward in the last legislative session because Senator Van Wanggaard (21st Senate District in Racine) refused to move the bill forward in the Senate committee he chairs.

    Today, Senator Van Wanggaard's office sent a mass email to those who contacted his office. In this email he attacks me, dismisses all of the GREAT work Wisconsin Carry has been able to do here in Wisconsin, and makes excuse after excuse why HE REFUSED TO MOVE THE BILL FORWARD IN HIS COMMITTEE.

    Senator Van Wanggaard has a history of misrepresenting himself on concealed carry, and I am NOT the first to call him on it.

    See the following Media Trackers piece from last year:

    Today I called Senator Wanggaard's office to discuss the mass email the Senator circulated. The staffer claims (again) that Van Wanggaard is a leader on concealed carry in Wisconsin and that he supports "School Grounds Carry". I asked the staffer why, if Van supports School Grounds Carry, didn't he sign on as a co-author/co-sponsor of the bill like many other Senators. The staffer told me "because the bill didn't have enough support to pass".

    Senator Wanggaard campaigned as a "champion" of concealed carry. Does a champion of concealed carry wait until AFTER a bill has enough support to pass until he is willing to put his name on it? Or does a champion of concealed carry put their name on a bill BEFORE they know who else supports the bill?

    Wisconsin Carry believes "school grounds carry" is the biggest issue infringing on the right to carry in Wisconsin. Senator Van Wanggaard's excuse making and blame-shifting for the bill dying in his committee needs to be responded to. Its time we hold legislators accountable for the campaign positions they use to get elected.

    I will share, and respond to, Senator Van Wanggaard's mass email on my LIVE radio show this Sunday evening.

    If you are interested in seeing Wisconsin's law changed, so that law-abiding mothers and fathers do not commit an "accidental felony" when they drive on to school grounds armed to drop off their kids at school, I encourage you to tune in to Sunday's show.

    Senator Van Wanggaard's continued lack of accountability and blame-shifting need to be responded to. We need to hold politicians who campaign as "champions" of concealed carry to the promises they make during campaigns.

    You may tune in to the show LIVE at 7pm online at the following link:

    Senator Wanggaard will be invited to debate the issue with me on Sunday.

    Carry On,

    Nik Clark
    Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

    Wisconsin Carry
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    Sounds like a personal feud between Clark and Wanggaard to me. I will not take part in an attempt to fish for shillz.

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    Sounds like an excuse not to submit to the Constitution. I wonder how many innocent children will die before people get the message prohibiting firearms in schools is dangerous and also unlawful. But most people don't believe the Constitution anyway or they wouldnt even question such things.
    "Which part of shall not be infringed is so difficult to understand"?

    "Any and all restrictions on the bearing of arms in public places are nullified as per the Second Amendment"

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    Governor Walker May Not Be On Board Too

    Dear Concerned Citizen,

    Thank you for contacting my office regarding proposed legislation that would makes changes to the laws that govern carrying concealed weapons on school grounds. This legislation failed to pass the legislature this session.

    My administration takes safety in Wisconsin’s schools seriously and we will keep your views on this topic in mind. Thank you again for contacting my office.


    Scott Walker

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