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Thread: Open carry at Slugger Field in Louisville

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    Open carry at Slugger Field in Louisville

    Does anyone know, for certain, the policy for carrying at Louisville Slugger Field? I know we went through this a while back, but I can't find any mention of a policy on their website. My memory of the past was that Minor League Baseball had a blanket "No Carry" policy at all of the team's stadiums, but I can't find that either. I have found several gun bans listed on individual team's websites, but nothing on the Louisville Bats' website. If my memory is correct and the League bans guns at all of the parks, why would the individual teams mention it on their individual websites as well, and why can't I find it on the League's website? I have never been to Slugger Field. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge? Has anyone ever carried there? Has anyone ever been kicked out of Slugger Field for carrying? I know that they can ban guns, but my question is, do they ban guns?

    edit: By the way, I know about the posts on this forum, but those are old. I am looking for something current.
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