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Thread: Washington,DC to Get First Range, Gun Store

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    Washington,DC to Get First Range, Gun Store

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    They should exclude any gov't employees from their premises.

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    They should assume that 96% of their "customers" are filming them for an exposé.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAC702 View Post
    They should assume that 96% of their "customers" are filming them for an exposé.

    "No sir/ma'am, we don't carry any assault rifles, since assault rifles must be capable of fully-automatic fire per the US Army's own definitions, and have already been HEAVILY regulated since 1934 and the onerous restrictions further tightened in 1986. You may be able to head down to your local PD, army base or armory and ask to see one in action.

    Following up on that, we also do not carry any 'military grade' firearms, since any rifle not capable of fully-automatic fire would never be issued to our young servicemen.

    What we DO have are sporting rifles, which are semi-automatic and function identically to millions of pistols and revolvers owned by US Citizens, which means they require one pull of the trigger for every round fired.

    Likewise, we do not carry any 'assault weapons', since that is a vague and incorrect term that only encompasses items that have been used to assault a person, and none of these firearms has been used by an evil doer to assault anyone.

    Now, what else may I help you with?"
    I carry to defend my loved ones; Desensitizing and educating are secondary & tertiary reasons. Anything else is unintended.

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    As DC law currently prohibits anyone who has jumped through all the widgets to have a DC legal firearm and has no carry permit from possessing/transporting a firearm outside of their residence, I'm curious exactly HOW one is supposed to get their firearm to the range. (And don't even THINK about bringing one in from outside the city.....)
    Or will the DC PoPo just park outside the range and confiscate all the now illegally transported firearms from the newly created "criminals".
    Then there's the ammunition...
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    Assault Weapon (N) “Any firearm whose design disturbs the sleep of progressive politicians.”.

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    Baby steps guys. Baby steps. And some folks thought Pres. Obama was going to come for their guns. Meh.

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