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Thread: No Guns Allowed in Mt. Washington city buildings? Gutshot says No Way.

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    No Guns Allowed in Mt. Washington city buildings? Gutshot says No Way.

    A friend of mine, who happens to also be a KC3 member, sent me some pictures of "No Guns" signs on a few city buildings in Mt. Washington. KC3 sued Mt. Washington in 2013 over an illegal ordinance that they had. They were one of the first cities that KC3 sued, right after the new KRS 65.870 was passed. Most of these cities had been particularly difficult to deal with before the law made it possible us to sue them. The current Mayor of Mt. Washington was not in office in 2013 or before.

    This morning, I sent Mayor Armstrong an email about the signs and within two hours I got a reply that the signs had been taken down. My friend confirmed that they were gone about 15 minutes later. Here are two pictures of the signs:

    Anybody that sees any signs that you think might not be legal, let me know. We don't have to put up with this.
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    kudos, another success...

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