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Thread: Sound Transit Rules (Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties)

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    Sound Transit Rules (Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties)

    As things are starting to get settled with our new house and baby, I'm starting to look for ways to get involved again with advancing the cause here, like I did in Virginia. I haven't been carrying lately, largely because I am waiting for my Washington permit to arrive (finally applied on 4/14/2016, but because I hadn't been a resident for 90 days, they have 60 days to issue it), so I don't have to constantly load and unload my firearm in the car.

    Sound Transit, which provides regional bus service between Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties, as well as both the Sounder commuter trains (which I ride) and the Link light rail systems in both Seattle and Tacoma.

    Today, I picked up a copy of the "Ride the Wave Transit Guide" for March-September 2016. On page 3 it includes the Sound Transit "Rules for riding", also available on their website here:
    Basic rules for bus and train passengers

    Animals: Service animals are allowed on Sound Transit buses and trains. Pets may ride if they are carried in small containers.
    Pay the correct fare on the bus; on platforms and trains, have fare ready for fare inspectors.
    Hold personal items, store in overhead rack or under the seat.
    Respect the privacy of other passengers.
    Use audio/video equipment only with headphones.
    Carry food and drinks in closed containers.
    Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
    Do not lie down or place feet on seats.
    Do not interfere with operator/conductor while operating the vehicle.
    Do not harass other riders.
    Do not engage in loud or unruly behavior.
    No eating.
    No smoking or vaping.
    No littering.
    No alcohol consumption.
    No hazardous, explosive or corrosive materials.
    No unlawful weapons or firearms.
    No soliciting.
    No loitering.
    Do not leave bags unattended.

    RCW 81.112.220, 81.112.210, 81.112.230, 9.91.025, 9A.36.031, TCM 8.52.020
    Of the RCW citations given, 81.112.210-81.112.230 relate to fare enforcement. 9A.36.031 relates to assault on a bus driver, train operator, etc. That leaves only 9.91.025, and TMC 8.52.020 (part of the Tacoma Municipal Code and available on page 8-145 of this PDF), which largely mirrors 9.91.025. Neither grants any authority to regulate the carrying of firearms. In fact, both specifically state that nothing in those sections prevents a person from "carrying a firearm or ammunition in a way not otherwise prohibited by law".

    Punishment for violation of these rules can include suspension or expulsion from all Sound Transit facilities according to their Expulsion and Suspension Policy.
    5.2 Suspension by Sound Transit Police

    a. Whan a Sound Transit Police Deputy has probable cause to believe that a Transit Violation has occurred and Enforcement Action is taken a Suspension Notice may be issued in accordance with the following:


    - Persons committing a Transit Violation that also constitutes a Crime Against a Person or involves a firearm or other dangerous weapon may be suspended from a Sound Transit Facility for three hundred sixty-five (365) days.
    They do provide an appeal process in section 6, but it provides very little detail other than that the review would be conducted by the Sound Transit Police chief, Operations Manager, and Customer Service Manager (or their designees). The review panel's decision is final.

    By my reading, a police officer who misinterprets the "unlawful weapons or firearms" rule as prohibiting all guns (or prohibiting open carry) can expel you from Sound Transit and impose a suspension of up to a year. That would be a clear violation of state preemption. Based on the composition of the review panel, I wouldn't expect them to overturn that sort of suspension.

    That is simply not acceptable. I don't think that just emails or phone calls will work, although they will be the first step. We may need to show up at Board meetings and/or Citizen Oversight Panel meetings (which, unfortunately, all seem to occur during the day). We need to put pressure on them.

    Contact information for Sound Transit:
    Phone: 888-889-6368
    Police phone: 206-903-7676
    Board Members (and contact information)
    Records request link

    Who's willing to join with me on this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    The wording is vague:
    No unlawful weapons or firearms.

    Do they think it means no unlawful weapons or any firearms - or do they think it means no unlawful weapons or unlawful firearms?

    Be advised that it is also prohibited to possess at ferry terminals and on ferries:
    Unlawful or Illegally Possessed Firearms (9.41 RCW)
    WSF follows the RCW, from that link provided. So no concealed firearms without valid CPL. OC is permissible. Because OC is not prohibited by WA law.

    I believe there are a few threads already on this subject (maybe not ST-specific).

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    The transit policy, when I wa s riding was changed so as the driver is not to even ASK if you have a CPL or not.

    I only had trouble 3 times while carrying on the transit buses.

    1 time was not really trouble just heard my description over the radio in the tunnnel station was all

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