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    Visiting tx

    I'm here till Monday and I brought my g19 with me from Oregon, I have both my Oregon and Washington permission slip. I read that Texas honers Washingtons so I should be good there. Any other info I should know?

    I just went to the Walmart in quitman and seen a sign saying I have to have a permissions slip to carry inside the store. That's new to me.

    Thanks for the info

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    Yes, TX recognizes your WA permit.

    I can't comment much on the sign you saw without knowing exactly what it said. There have been reports of confusion regarding places that sell alcohol thinking they were supposed to ask to see permits, but it is NOT a requirement of the store to do so. The fault is in if they knowingly allow unlicensed carry. They have no reason to suspect that carriers are unlicensed.

    That said, all carrying in Texas is by license, so yes, you do need your permission slip.
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    Keep and eye out for 30.06 and 30.07 signs. 30.06 prohibits concealed carry, while 30.07 prohibits open carry.

    If you open carry, it must be in a belt or shoulder holster. Obviously you were going to use a holster anyway, but I mention it just because it's on the books. This includes while in a vehicle, it needs to be holstered if unconcealed.

    Don't carry at institutions of higher education.

    Don't carry where there is a TABC 51% sign, which is going to be places like bars, where their revenue comes largely from alcohol sales. The sign should be red like this:

    Here is the "blue" sign, which is probably about what you saw at Walmart:
    You will see something like this in places that sell alcohol for off-premises consumption or at restaurants that serve alcohol, but not enough to be forced to have the red 51% sign. When legally carrying you can still carry at these places.

    Don't carry to where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place.

    Trying to summarize here, can't guarantee my accuracy... Hopefully I haven't forgotten something obvious.

    Oh and welcome to Texas Hope you enjoy your stay
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