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Thread: OC Robbed in Newport News

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    OC Robbed in Newport News

    I am in an argument with a person on Facebook, about OF. At first he was saying if I was happy with it, then he now.Is challenge it

    The did give me a post. Where a person in New Port News, was robbed of his OC gun. It does.seem he had some.retention problems.

    If some of.You can elaborate on this, I will appreciate it

    The guy on Facebook is Ballistic Radio. If you have anything you can add that too will be appreciated

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    above articles point to

    where a vague commentary is presented. quote: He was wearing his handgun in a holster, open carry, on his hip. The man said he was approached from behind by two men, and one of them demanded his gun. The other then grabbed the gun from the holster and pushed him to the ground. Both men fled on foot southbound toward the trailer parks, Eley said. unquote.

    papa, after looking at the BRadio thinks you need to switch to listening to rush for goodness wow!

    and the loss of the firearm was discussed out here in depth, i believe back in feb-ish

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    Time to get a new gun I guess. Yes, people who carry can get robbed. The gun is not a force field.

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