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Thread: MKE PD Ch. Flynn, It's rational to carry a gun - if you're a BG.

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    MKE PD Ch. Flynn, It's rational to carry a gun - if you're a BG.

    "If you are involved in a criminal lifestyle, it is a rational act to carry a gun to, quote, protect yourselves, from your rivals and enemies," he said.
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    The way Milwaukee police Chief Ed Flynn sees it, it's fairly easy to avoid getting shot in Milwaukee.

    Speaking at a ceasefire Sabbath kickoff breakfast on Thursday, Flynn told attendees there were "four simple rules" one should follow to avoid being a gunshot victim.
    • Don't be part of a crime gang or crew.
    • Don't be a drug dealer.
    • Don't illegally carry a gun.
      And finally,
    • "If you are in an argument with a stranger, ask them how often they've been arrested. If they've been arrested more often than you've been arrested, concede the point," he said.
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