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Thread: I guess cats are above dogs in the order of things ?

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    I guess cats are above dogs in the order of things ?

    Pennsylvania Cop who Killed Cat that Hissed at Him Cited for Animal Cruelty

    If it was a dog that growled , the guy would have had no issues?

    Just an interesting observation article.

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    It has more to do with publicly perceived threats.

    Dogs are considered dangerous while cats are considered to be just annoying.

    That is, in my opinion why this is happening.

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    Earlier this month, after a five-month investigation, Pursell received a summary citation for cruelty to animals; a slap on the wrist considering he could have faced a misdemeanor or even a felony charge of animal cruelty. Itís nothing more than a ticket.
    Five months to investigate?????

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    Killing something isn't necessary cruel. I would bet the local animal rights activist's did a lot of yelling and screaming.
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