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Thread: New Hampshire - home state permit not required for non-resident NH permit

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    New Hampshire - home state permit not required for non-resident NH permit

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    "Accordingly, we conclude that the challenged rules requiring nonresidents to
    provide proof that they hold resident state licenses in order to obtain concealed
    carry licenses in New Hampshire are ultra vires and, therefore, invalid."
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    Further, we cannot disregard the fact that residents of certain states, like New Jersey, may simply be unable to satisfy state requirements for a license that differ from New Hampshire’s statutory requirements. Because the rules at issue here effectively incorporate into New Hampshire’s requirements for concealed-carry licenses the requirements established by other states for the issuance of concealed-carry licenses, the rules change the requirements of RSA 159:6, and thus, “add to, detract from, or modify the statute which they are intended to implement,” Mays, 161 N.H. at 473 (quotation omitted).
    Good job New Hampshire.

    New Hampshirites need to work to get those folks who argued in favor of eroding liberty kicked out of office.
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    A big benefit from this is PA's reciprocity agreement with NH does not preclude non residents from carrying in PA on a NH permit. I bet PA AG Kane is trying to figure out a way to prevent this from happening like she did with VA, FL, UT and MS.

    The NH reciprocity agreement doesn't limit the agreement to residents like the others do.

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