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Thread: Trump wannabe Philippine president-elect urges public to kill drug dealers

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    Trump wannabe Philippine president-elect urges public to kill drug dealers

    In a nationally televised speech late Saturday, Rodrigo Duterte told a huge crowd in the southern city of Davao that Filipinos who help him battle crime will be rewarded.

    "Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun you have my support," Duterte said, warning of an extensive illegal drug trade that involves even the country's police. If a drug dealer resists arrest or refuses to be brought to a police station and threatens a citizen with a gun or a knife, "you can kill him," Duterte said. "Shoot him and I'll give you a medal."

    Some years ago a South Carolina Attorney General, Charlie Condon, was in office while the Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996 was passed, elected very much for his commitment to not prosecute homeowner killers of home-invaders.
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    Provided they check the facts surrounding each case to ensure the shooting was justified, I have no problem with this.
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