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Thread: no drinking for navy folks in japan anymore ... wtf is this?

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    no drinking for navy folks in japan anymore ... wtf is this?

    Imbibing will be banned both on and off base, and sailors will no longer be able to freely leave their bases. Leaving base grounds will be allowed only for running necessary errands, or commuting from an off-base home.

    Read more here:

    see the world?

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    I spent 3yrs stationed in Okinawa and 6 months on Temporary Duty there the year after. The Air Force and Army were always pretty well behaved but some other units had bad reputations on the island. I wonder if there's going to be a 'reverse black market' where instead of getting liquor at the Class 6 store to sell/trade, people will ask Okinawan friends to obtain liquor on the civilian market for them? (( Still gonna be a Major CF to drink on base if you're the average lower enlisted barracks rat.))

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    It's either a consequence if successive ill behaviors, or its a consequence of over-political correctness. In my mind, any of the latter constitutes an overage.

    Possibly a combination of both?

    As for "See the world, but do not touch," I say, "No thanks."
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