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Thread: Operation Choke Point fails to stop this gun dealer

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    Operation Choke Point fails to stop this gun dealer

    Mainly posted because some banks are using O:CP to make legal businesses (including firearms dealers) pay more to process purchases. Can't outlaw 'em, price 'em out of business...
    This guy stood up for his rights - and good for him! Shame on Hometrust bank!

    *Note - may want to move to the NC forum - but since O:CP is (was?) federal I figured I'd drop it here to start. Supposedly the program was stopped - but if no one knows that.....

    I may be in Tryon this weekend (bbq festival!). If not, I will be there sometime next week. If he has a storefront, I am going to stop in, support a local business and shake his hand as I say "Thank you for standing up.".

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    here nc
    their store front:

    Welcome to Hunting And Defense Wholesale:

    Wholesale pricing for small FFL dealers

    Dealer information and Currently Valid FFL are REQUIRED to view these pages.

    Enter your Currently Valid FFL number here

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