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Thread: FLocker Android Ransomware Now Infects Smart TVs.

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    FLocker Android Ransomware Now Infects Smart TVs.

    A piece of Android-based mobile ransomware has made the jump and is now capable of infecting and locking smart TVs running on the Android OS, security researchers are reporting.
    Called FLocker (Frantic Locker), this ransomware appeared in May 2015, and Trend Micro says it detected over 7,000 different versions as its code kept evolving.

    Only in April 2016, Trend Micro says it identified over 1,200 FLocker variants, as there was a visible development push behind this threat.

    More to come on malware in streaming video when I find it again .... Here is the academic, I was not able to retrace my steps to the popularized notice. In a word, ALL free streaming video, particularly sports related, is a vehicle for malware.

    Oop, here it is, just hadn't read far enough in my daily.

    Malware, data theft, and scams: Researchers expose risks of free livestreaming websites

    It’s Free for a Reason: Exploring the Ecosystem of Free Live Streaming Services
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