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Thread: Academy Sports pulled their ARs

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    Academy Sports pulled their ARs

    from the shelves and put them in the back.

    I asked them about that...

    Stephanie H.: Hi, my name is Stephanie H.. How may I help you?
    Stephanie H.: Hello KS!
    KS: I hear AS pulled the AR from the shelves. Is that right?
    Stephanie H.: To protect both our customers and team members, and to assist federal and state authorities, Academy has voluntarily and proactively taken several actions to help ensure that our modern sports rifles sales do not add to the current problems facing the country. Some of these steps include:
    o removing modern sports rifles from display at all Academy stores;
    o removing modern sports rifles from all advertising;
    o removing modern sports rifles from
    Ken: How does this protect customers and team members? and.. how are you helping federal and state authorities. I don't understand.
    Stephanie H.: Academy Sports + Outdoors carefully follows all federal and state laws governing the retail sale of firearms.
    KS: yes???
    KS: It is not against the laws to display AR15s. I don't understand.
    KS: Are you there?
    Stephanie H.: i am here
    Stephanie H.: It isn't against the law to not display firearms..
    Stephanie H.: As a family and community focused retailer, Academy Sports + Outdoors is constantly evaluating our business to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our decision to remove modern sports rifles from display while continuing to make them available to those customers legally eligible to purchase them reflects that commitment.
    KS: OK.
    KS: If that is the approach you're taking, I'd appreciate you informing your management that I will not be making any future purchases from AS. Also, I'll be reporting this on various gun sites I am a part of.
    Stephanie H.: Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, I can refer you to our Corporate Communications team. Elise Hasbrook can be reached at 281.944.6041 or
    KS: If there is a change of opinion at AS, it likely would be good to post it.
    Stephanie H.: Did you have any other questions for me Ken? Besides the firearms questions?
    KS: No. That's all.
    Stephanie H.: Thank you for contacting Academy Sports & Outdoors. If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact Customer Service (888)922-2336 7am-12midnight CST or chat & email are available 24/7.
    Stephanie H.: Good Bye

    This was from their chat format. If you're inclined, you might want to shoot them a note.


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    Daniel Defense was pretty quick to not only call them out, but terminate their relationship with them the very next day, and throw their weight on the issue to their distributors and anyone else who would listen.

    Daniel doubled-down in an interview yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksks View Post

    This was from their chat format. If you're inclined, you might want to shoot them a note.


    I have already stopped by and returned a couple items I purchased 2 days before Orlando and advised they were being returned specifically because of that new policy and that I would do business with them no more forever.

    My $100 or so a year won't matter much. But if a million other customers out there do as I did . . ..


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    Eschew (that's avoid) Big Box Stores. Shop Mom & Pop. Shop local, buy local, brew local, eat local.
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    Academy is a Houston based company. Grew it from a small group if Army-Surplus stores. In their current format I find them generally overpriced. For guns I really never think of them.

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    well considering academy sports entity is now owned by an investment group, they should watch out to assure they are not the next in line to succumb...

    quote: financial health plays a large role in the viability of retailers. Both Sports Authority, which is closing 140 stores, and Sport Chalet, which is closing all 48 stores, were burdened with unsurmountable (sic) debt after being purchased by other firms....unquote

    this small hick town has a Dicks, Durham sporting goods, 7 smaller retail niches, not counting those privately held FFLs doing business under the table. Cabelas & Gander Mt are an hour away in Raleigh plus their plethora of niche retailers.

    not sure how everyone is staying in business to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HPmatt View Post
    Academy is a Houston based company. Grew it from a small group if Army-Surplus stores. In their current format I find them generally overpriced. For guns I really never think of them.

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    Based out of Houston but owned by a NY investment firm, unfortunately.

    I used to hit them fairly often for ammo (one next door to my office and on the way to the range) and the pricing was pretty much inline with the rest of retail with the occasional good deals. Their gun prices arent as good as they should have been, considering the size of their chain.

    I dont know as I'd call it the end for them, but I won't shop there anymore. Daniels Defense hit the nail on the head.

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