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Thread: Inter-generational theft, BREXIT and AGW conflated; and criticism.

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    Inter-generational theft, BREXIT and AGW conflated; and criticism.

    Inter-generational theft

    The problem is of course that younger generations will have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make today for much longer than older generations. Older generations in developed countries prospered as a result of the burning of fossil fuels for seemingly cheap energy.

    However, we’ve already reached the point where even contrarian economists agree, any further global warming we experience will be detrimental for the global economy. For poorer countries, we passed that point decades ago. A new paper examining climate costs and fossil fuel industry profits for the years 2008–2012 found:

    For all companies and all years, the economic cost to society of their CO2 emissions was greater than their after‐tax profit, with the single exception of Exxon Mobil in 2008

    Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That: "Most old people I know would throw themselves into a fire if they thought it would somehow improve the lives of their grandkids. Claiming old people en-masse do not care about the young is utterly obscene.

    When older people vote for Brexit, or vote against fanatics who think it is OK to advocate disenfranchising groups who oppose their views, just maybe it is because they have the life experience to see through the lies of would be tyrants."

    Compiling this thread teaser it became clearer that the lamestream media is ever more desperate to wall up their product, driving me to read secondary sources like WUWT.

    Then on log-on this AM I see six registered users on-line and that the word-salad chefs have been busy all night. The New Posts file shows dozens of posts by the same user name(s) with mere moments between each, signs of tagging graffiti with little content.
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    quite impressed nightmare, you were able to slide your off the wall dig into your own word salad post.

    just saying, kettle...

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    I don't think that Jesus would let the temperature of the Earth cause us such suffering. Global warming is a joke....for Al to get rich.

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