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Thread: Anyone Own A Makarov in Wake/Johnston County?

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    Anyone Own A Makarov in Wake/Johnston County?

    I'm interested in these fine works of art and I may end up buying one sometime soon. I've only ever held one and it was at a Gun Show. I'm looking for someone who owns one that would let me fool around with it and maybe you know of a place for Outdoor Target Practice where I could test it out (For free)? Let me know!

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    While I own one (it is my primary carry), there are a few problems...

    1) I live nowhere near you.
    2) I don't let people "try out" my firearms
    3) I don't have a lot of acreage with a berm to make my own outdoor range.
    I could keep going, but you get the picture....

    Though you are right - they are highly functional works of art.

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    I don't loan out my firearms either, and don't own a Makarov. Though I do have a PA-63, and SMC380. IMO a Makarov is a tad expensive for a CC firearm when there are less expensive new guns available with a warranty. A Bersa Thunder is about the same price new as a Mak, better ammo selection than 9X18 and better holster availability.

    You should be able to rent a Thunder to try one out.
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