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Thread: Figured out that the courts are rigged yet? Even Thomas notes it..

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    Figured out that the courts are rigged yet? Even Thomas notes it..

    Thomas notes that the system is rigged.

    And the "levels of scrutiny" is how they do it.

    Now, the constitution does not note this concept. It is entirely made up is allow the gov't to control you and me. Isn't that special.

    Thomas notes in his latest dissent that the court(s) basically does what it personally wants to do and abandons its actual job.

    Those who see clearly apparent laws that violate other laws say "I'm going to court" and then get disappointed at the expected outcome (and if anyone expects to win a case is living in a world of lollipops and candy canes).

    Now if the gov't was lining people up and shooting them then the people would be at-the-ready and courts would rule properly. However, they don't line up people but .gov does the same thing every day, just not in that manner of lining up people in the streets in groups.

    I'm sure that many federal judges could not be forum members as its for the "law abiding only".

    Read the dissent linked on the page above...Thomas finally admits.
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