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Thread: An article from "Americans: Don't give up your guns"

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    An article from "Americans: Don't give up your guns"

    A concise and to the point regarding firearms in the US. Not exactly a story I expected to see on RT, but I think it pretty accurately represents the facts.

    The irony was obvious: a coterie of privileged millionaires protected from the unwashed masses whom they manipulate for their billionaire and trillionaire masters protected by men with guns while protesting that guns are bad.

    The idea that the liberals assume – and wish you to assume – is that those who are in favor of gun control hold a monopoly on compassion. Obama’s speechwriters have him cry crocodile tears during his move against gun ownership, yet he – like the aged and overweight rebels in the sit-in protest – is surrounded 24/7 by men with guns.

    He is not against guns. He is just against them for you.

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    The foreign press, particularly the press not friendly to the administration, is doing a much better job of reporting and covering US news than the lapdog lamestream media. TRUMP 2016. TRUMP the establishment.
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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