Was Castile an especially bad driver or just unlucky? Or was he targeted by officers who single out black motorists like him for such stops, as several of his family members have alleged?

And for those who say "well, he was found guilty of all these things" .... I recently was successful [as always] in a traffic case just last month. But it took 6 or 7 trips to the courthouse. And I never got my chance to face my cowardly accuser who refused to show up for 2 trials [even though he was subpoenaed to do so 2x] ... what happened to him (nothing) ... if I did not show up, what would have happened to me (arrested). I'm sure many members of the forum have not fought stupid traffic tickets due to the time involved in doing so ~ the gov't makes the system that results in the expected: people just pay.

And I'm white. Blacks are treated much worse; anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. And I have given testimony about the unfair system at my legislature ... no one should be treated any different just because of something that they cannot control.

So I don't think that the gov't by posting (directly or through lackeys) his motor vehicle record is not winning over any converts but actually lends support to the idea that blacks are being treated unfairly.

And, for the most part, traffic tickets/stops violate our right to travel and the 4th amendment.