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Thread: John Pierce; Don't give up rights just to make it easier to police large events.

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    John Pierce; Don't give up rights just to make it easier to police large events.

    Open-carry advocates say that criminals almost never openly carry firearms. And if law-abiding citizens fail to demonstrate their right to carry guns, they risk losing it, they add.

    “We’re sympathetic to law enforcement being concerned about their safety, but that doesn’t mean we give up citizens’ rights just to make it easier to police large events,” said John Pierce, co-founder of national advocacy group
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    Police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have been trying and failing to restrict the open carrying of guns for years. The state attorney general argues that citizens have a constitutional right to publicly display weapons, which cannot be overruled by city authorities.

    “I wish more of our legislators could see past the ideology,” said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn. “They have no concern about the impact in urban environments that are already plagued by too many guns and too much violence."

    Flynn attracted gun owners’ ire when he told his officers in 2009 to detain open carriers despite the attorney general’s ruling. Flynn said his department has since “adapted” to the state law.

    Meanwhile our conservative blowtorch WTMJ PROGlodyte talkjock is at the GOP Convention, "I support the Second Amendment, b-b-b-but but but ... not open carry, not everywhere, only when I feel good about it!". He is gibbering shrilly. TRUMP the establishment TRUMP 2016
    If TRUMP 2016 loses then I will shrug off my WHITE MAN'S BURDEN and leave the world to the Dindus and Done Nuffins. Read and understand Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged as a prescription for the future. TRUMP 2016

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    We neither intend to make anyone's job easier nor harder.

    We do intend to promote and defend our G*d given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. That you can take to the bank.
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    We have seen shooters dress like SWAT officers, what stops them from dressing as police officers. While it is against the law, they are going to commit a crime in the first place. I don't see how it would make it easier to police by disarming citizens. In fact encourage it and the police can sit it out in the air conditioning of their station, or cars.
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    "Now I instead say he robbed me... Well popo done go and cuff you up I keep hat or it goes to go to court I testify you done did rob me. You now have to prove you didn't...."

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    Me OCing does not make a cop's job more difficult, that cop has to exert himself to hassle me for OCing.
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    SAFETY V. RIGHTS section heading of story

    Odd, I feel safer with a gun than without one. I'm sure everyone would. Thos who don't want to carry and don't feel safe? Stay home.

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    Citizens have a right to keep an bear arms-- 2A federal constitution..

    Citizens do not have a right to be "police officers or government agents--- Oliver Wendell Holmes

    If the job of policing is to difficult because citizens are exercising their 2A constitutional right, then please find another JOB!

    My .02

    " What is done unto anyone may be done unto everyone" John Lilburne

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