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Thread: Open carry while using a skateboard

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    Open carry while using a skateboard

    Hello, I'm new to open carry and was wondering if I'm allowed to use a skateboard or longboard while having my handgun holstered and visible? Thank you.

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    I would be real careful how I carried while on a skateboard. If you fell you could get injured pretty good by landing on a chunk of steel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James StuuStu Halford View Post
    Hello, I'm new to open carry and was wondering if I'm allowed to use a skateboard or longboard while having my handgun holstered and visible? Thank you.
    If you're going to carry a firearm I strongly suggest learning the regulations surrounding it. Start with Also be sure to take a training class to learn some of the regulations regarding use of force and defending yourself.
    Click Here for New to WI Open Carry Legal References and Informational Videos--- FAQ's

    The Armed Badger A WI site dedicated to Concealed Carry in WI

    "To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason, Speech of June 14, 1788 to DL useful Info

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    yoooo whoooo motofixxer...

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    Well, if you are old enough to carry you are too old to roll around on a skateboard. I learned that lesson the very hard way. And it took several lessons to convince me. But a busted backside bone put me around the bend on it.


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    Yes. You're carrying openly.
    Doesn't matter if you're on foot, a bicycle, motorcycle, roller skates, skateboard, etc.
    Don't need a CCL unless you're OC on public property within 1000' of the edge of a school property.

    Learn the laws (some of which you had to certify you'd read & understood when you sent in for your CCL).
    You could take a free course through Wisconsin Carry, also join the membership & have a group that's got your back.
    Find the WI Carry Facebook page, join, and read the documents for more useful info.

    As for your run-in with the HC cops, detailed in your other thread, definitely contact Nik Clark (president of WI Carry)!!!
    Email him now, today (either through the website, or Nik @ wisconsincarry . org), and call in to his radio show tonight. It starts at 8pm.
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    No you can't OC and skateboard~~~the gun will throw off your balance...

    Unless you OC two handguns of the same weight on each side.
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