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Thread: Wonder why OR Gov. Brown not being impeached for control antics

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    Wonder why OR Gov. Brown not being impeached for control antics

    quote: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown unveiled a big gun control package last week that included direction of the state police to track and analyze gun transactions, ( ...the Oregon State Police will be directed to retain firearms transactions data – now required for even private sales – for five years, establishing a defacto if temporary firearms registry.) while urging Congress to ban assault weapons and enact no fly/no buy legislation.

    Brown, the former secretary of state, came to office without taking part in the traditional electoral process, succeeding Gov. John Kitzhaber upon his resignation following a corruption scandal last February. Since in the Governor’s seat she has been a very strong supporter of gun control, embracing a controversial Bloomberg-backed bill to expand background checks to virtually all gun transfers that she signed into law last year.

    However, she announced last week she is just getting warmed up. unquote

    OR citizens, anything forum members can do such as flooding your legislators or the governor with a letter campaign?

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    Who is sending the state private gun transaction information?

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