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Thread: Another "study" replete with 33% more Liberal lies.

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    Another "study" replete with 33% more Liberal lies.

    You know your supposed study is total BS when it's ripped by a professor from Trinity liberal arts college who received his PhD from George Mason U.

    I would post a link to the study for all to read, but the only link I could find is one where you have to BUY a copy of the study for $32.00 plus tax. Really?

    However, the National Library of Medicine at the National Institute of Health has a VERY short description. It describes the methodology used: "Negative binomial regression is used to test the effects of homicide rates, suicide rates, firearm ownership rates, and several control variables on public mass shooters per country from 1966 to 2012." Now, I admit to not knowing what "negative binomial regression" is, and after reading up on it, my head hurts. It's apparently a set of math equations that are used in probability and statistics.

    Beyond that, Lankfords data gathering methods are in question because he "refuses to share the data and details he used to support his findings, or submit it to standard peer review." Incredibly suspect in my opinion. If you have nothing to hide, why not share it and be proven right? Well, it apparently was shared with "anonymous independent researchers" that approved the work, according to Violence and Victims Editor-in-Chief Roland Maiuro. V and V itself is a "peer-reviewed academic journal covering theory, research, policy, and clinical practice in the area of interpersonal violence and victimization" according to Wiki, which is the only actual description I could find about it. The V and V homepage is a subscription page on the Springer Publishing website, and a personal subscription will cost you $179.

    Sound familiar? Well, to anyone who's seen the Outlaw Josey Wales, it should.

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    “The Lankford ‘study’ is nothing more than junk science disguised as research, and never should have been published in a responsible scholarly journal,” Florida State University criminology professor Gary Kleck told
    Kleck has a good track record of honest research. I'll take his word for it at this point especially with the author hiding his research.

    Reminds me of the beginnings of the debunking of that book several years ago about how most people in the US settlor days didn't have guns. I can't remember the name of the book or the "researcher" but his research was shredded and his reputation pretty much ruined from what I recall. Perhaps someone else remembers the details.
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