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Thread: OC at Rose City Comic Con @ Oregon Convention Center

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    OC at Rose City Comic Con @ Oregon Convention Center

    I've searched the OCDO site, but did not find any current info.

    Rose City Comic Con (10-11 Sept 2016) is in the Oregon Convention Center.

    The Oregon Convention Center web page states that it is "... owned and operated by Metro and managed through the Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission. Metro, the Portland area's regional government..."

    So, under ORS 166.170 & 173 it would be the same as all of Portland, i.e. Unloaded OC w/o CHL or Any Carry w/CHL.

    BUT, the Rose City Comic Con web page states: "No functional weapons are allowed at the Rose City Comic Con. DO NOT BRING REAL SWORDS, GUNS OR ANY TYPE OF AUTHENTIC WEAPON TO THE SHOW. Only props are allowed. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as part of your costume. No projectile weapons (including but not limited to airsoft or paintball weapons) will be allowed! Weapons with a metal blade, regardless if it is dull or sharp, are prohibited!"

    So, am I correct in that Rose City Comic Con, being a renter / leasee holding a ticketed event, that they can set their own rules to enter their event (rules you agree to by buying the ticket)? And outside the Rose City Comic Con, the Oregon Convention Center has to follow ORS laws.

    Or am I wrong? I don't see a legal work around on this, RC Comic Con would be like a private property w/public accomidation, follow their rules or be trespassed out.

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    If it is a publicly paid/funded, by tax dollars ect. by the city then it is a public place and you can carry your firearm, if you have a chl, then you can carry loaded.

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    consider the building, entire facilities w/parking, as private property being leased out for a period of time & whose owner(s) have gone on public record to inform God and country ~ NO weapons!

    no different than any other private enterprise.

    Sega, i am sure you have attended previous com cons and witnessed encounters of super heros 'running into' their arch villian nemesis and a mock battle ensues...much to the delight of passerby everywhere.

    same mentality at ren feasts where real swords/daggers must be safety tied in the nobleman/knave sheaths.

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