On Saturday, August 27, the East End Rod & Gun Club is hosting a 3 Gun Shoot/Tournament & NRA 3 Gun Experience. The East End Rod & Gun Club is located at County 564 Rd, Milton-Freewater, OR 97862, this is right across the border from Walla Walla, Washington. If you want to participate in the 3 Gun Shoot, the entry fee is $10 & you are asked to pre-register at: 3 Gun Shoot. The NRA 3 Gun Experience (3GE) has no cost to it as it's an introduction into 3 Gun, to pre-register for the 3GE: NRA 3GE

The primary things to bring with you:
Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun (3GE is not mandated to have)
Ammo (3GE Not mandated)
Eye & ear protection
Folding Chair to sit
Hat to keep the sun off you
Lunch, snacks, & drink(s) for yourself

According to information, NRA Western Region Director Brad Kruger, NRA Senior Field Representative for Oregon & Hawaii Iron Mike Carey, & NRA Field Representative for Washington Michael Herrera are going to be attending. This is initially a Friends of NRA Event for the committees of the area, but the more people to attend, the more fun could be had.