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Thread: Vacationing in Tennessee. Need Gun Law information.

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    Question Vacationing in Tennessee. Need Gun Law information.

    We'll be travelling to Tennessee for a short vacation in October. Two couples, my best friend and I are looking to carry. I have my CCDW conceal carry license, my best friend does not have his yet.

    I've done a little reading and I notice Tenn. requires permits to carry for those living in the state but I'm writing to ask what the laws are for those vacationing there? I usually carry in a semi-concealed carry IWB holster. My friend usually carries in an OWB Serpa style holster.

    Looking for knowledgeable gun law individuals to help us stay within to law. From my understanding, I shouldn't have any issues in carrying but my best friend who doesn't have his concealed carry license might.

    Also, what is the state laws for restaurants if they derive more than 51% of their sales from food? Anything further that we should be aware of?

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