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Wisconsinís disastrous 1970s experiment with naive liberalism hasnít been repeated. Over the past three decades, Wisconsin has been a pioneer in Republican-led reform of welfare and public schools under talented politicians such as Tommy Thompson, Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker. But they havenít been able to fully rectify 1970s mistakes.
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During the 1970s ... Chicagoís cynical Irish Democratic political leadership grew tired of attracting the laziest people in Mississippi and boosted AFDC payments to only $342 by 1985. In contrast, the more idealistic politicians of Wisconsinóduring the McGovern era, the state was led by a formidable trio of liberal Democrats, Governor Patrick Lucey and Senators William Proxmire and Gaylord Nelsonóraised welfare to $533. This generosity with the taxpayersí money sucked in the dregs of Mississippi.
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