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Thread: PEW - Majority of Americans say gun rights are more important than gun control

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    PEW - Majority of Americans say gun rights are more important than gun control


    A majority of Americans think it is more important to protect the right to keep and bear arms than it is to control gun ownership, according to Pew Research Center polling, which showed votersí general views on guns vary widely based on whether they support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.

    Fifty-two percent of the general public placed a greater emphasis on protecting gun rights, while 46 percent said itís more important to control ownership, according to the Pew survey.

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    46% of America are lizzurds .... when SHTF some will change their mind I think ... LOL

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    There is some good and some bad in that poll/report.

    We'll just have to work harder on the bad ones - at least we can now see where we need improvement.
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    Gun rights more important than controlling gun ownership links to Pew data

    If TRUMP 2016 loses then I will shrug off my WHITE MAN'S BURDEN and leave the world to the Dindus and Done Nuffins. Read and understand Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged as a prescription for the future. TRUMP 2016

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    thank you!!!

    deja vu...

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