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Thread: Greater Richmond OC breakfast Sat, Sept 3rd

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    Greater Richmond OC breakfast Sat, Sept 3rd

    Greater Richmond OC breakfast Sat. Sept 3rd at 8:30am

    Nick's Roman Terrace
    Westland Shopping Center
    8051 W. Broad St.
    Richmond, Va 23294

    OC, CC or noC - all acceptable. Just bring your appetite for good food and conversation.
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    There are no reasons I can think of at the moment as to why I would not be there. Givin my current inability to show up when I intend to I'll just leave it at that. Hope to see those who show!
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    I'd love to be there, but…

    I twisted my knee Thursday morning and haven't been able to get around so well, gotta keep ice on it for a little while longer and see how it shakes out after that. I'm hoping i'll be able to go back to work Monday night, but we'll see.

    Either way, have a great breakfast and maybe I can make the next one!


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