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Thread: open carriers and gun owners in general have lost a good friend.

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    open carriers and gun owners in general have lost a good friend.

    Ky. has very strong "Open Meetings" and "Open Records" laws, but those laws are only as good as the interpretation and enforcement process make them be. Both of those laws are enforced by the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Ky. For the last 25 years, one person has been the "go to" attorney in that office for all opinions on "open records" and "open meetings" violations.

    Last week Assistant Attorney General Amye Bensenhaver "retired". Her retirement was described as "under duress". Ms. Bensenhaver has written dozens of opinions for that office concerning "open records" requests and "open meetings" violations. She is, in part, responsible for the open and transparent manner that Ky. governments are forced to operate in. What was the reason for her "retirement"? In July she was reprimanded for
    speaking to a newspaper reporter for an article on the 40th anniversary of the passage of the open records and open meeting law, without first getting permission. She also disagreed with several recent appeals opinions. So much for a "transparent" government! She said that politics has been slowly taking over the office and has been thinking of retirement since the last few years of Jack Conway's tenure in that office. Amye will be missed and open government will be diminished in Ky. without her. It will be more difficult to get public records about gun law violations from now on.

    There are plenty of articles about this available. Here are just two of the articles about Amye and her "retirement":
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    A damn shame.

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    Appears as if going to the AG is an alternative way of seeking relief.

    Some state have a dual avenue of addressing FOIA violations .. KY appears to be one of them.

    Anyone know off the top of their heads how long it takes to get a decision via the AG route?
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