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Thread: Pffwwt! LP Candidate Gary Johnson: "What is Aleppo?". Groovey man, right on.

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    Pffwwt! LP Candidate Gary Johnson: "What is Aleppo?". Groovey man, right on.

    “OK, got it. Got it,” Mr. Johnson said. “With regard to Syria, I do think that it’s a mess."

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    So isn't Johnson pledging to stop daily pot smoking if elected? Good for his and him.

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    I'm pretty aware of problems in Syria. I didn't know the name of which city in Syria these latest problems were, yet am still able to talk about them.

    And I'm a guy that can actually name most world capitals (including Damascus) and point to them on a blank map.

    This seems like pulling at straws to discredit Johnson, but then I didn't know what arugula was either. Obama sure is a smart man.

    The articles I've seen are so into Johnson not recognizing a city name out of context, that they are ignoring actually discussing his views on Syrian problems.
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    He should have had a coughing fit. A brain fart I'm guessing.

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