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Thread: DEMS want to see how to seek new candidate ?

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    DEMS want to see how to seek new candidate ?

    I don't know how they will find a new ET to replace the alien lizzurd Hillary this late.

    And I recall the GOP doing the same thing a few months ago

    ROFL at these two parties whose best of the best are these two.

    I'm voting for Kang.

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    Not all states require their Electors to vote for the candidate selected.
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    Hillary's Health and the Election: A What-If Analysis

    There's been some disinformation floating around about this, including supposition that President Obama could delay the election (he cannot--unless Congress acts, the election is Constitutionally mandated to occur as scheduled) or they could just run Biden. There are also complications given we are now less than 60 days from Election Day and early voting has already started in some states. Based on what we know today, here are some possibilities:

    What happens if Hillary drops out before the election? [ ... ]

    Refers to DNC by-laws, Federal law, and COTUS
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