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Thread: The Wall Just Got Ten Memes Higher. a la TRUMP's "10 feet higher."

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    The Wall Just Got Ten Memes Higher. a la TRUMP's "10 feet higher."

    Guest post by Lawrence Murray, via
    Note: This article is an important synopsis of the cultural dynamics in motion in the current year, and how the alt-right is changing the national dialogue.

    The following is the draft of a speech delivered at the Third NY Forum:

    A few months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in speaking at the next one of these. So I said sure, why not? I didnít really know what I was going to talk about, but I said I was sure something would happen by then worth covering.

    I figured weíd get a terrorist attack somewhere in Greater Europe, maybe France or the United States. France had a pretty bad month in July actually and just last week stopped a bomb plot outside Notre Dame cathedral. But we already know about removing kebabs. Itís important, but not interesting. This stuff happens every few months.
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