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Thread: Kind-of sort-of holster give-away

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    Kind-of sort-of holster give-away

    (Moderators: I'm not raffling, per se. ie: I make no money. I am raising money for a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, and to induce folks to make a donation, I'm giving away a few OC holsters. So....if this post violates your TOS, kindly remove. But its for a good cause, and the give-aways are sweet!)

    Hello All,

    Been a long time (very long time) that I've posted here. Mostly I just read posts/threads.

    But I'm thinking that is the place to put the word out of some rather nice OC holsters that are being given away in return for a donation to a worthy cause. I'm giving away three of my custom OC rigs in a give-away for a donation to Kilted to Kick Cancer, which is simply a bunch of guys running around for the month of September, in kilts.

    Their site can be found by googling up Kilted to Kick Cancer.

    Just drop a PM here when you donate, and I'll provide further instructions on how to make sure you are entered for one of three rigs being given away.

    All three are autographed. First One (on left) is autographed by the actor Dean Cain, who played Superman in the TV series Lois and Clark.

    The second rig (on right) is signed by NY Times best-selling author Larry Correia, who writes the Monster Hunter International series of Sci-Fi books.

    Lastly, the third rig (center) is autographed by Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage fame. (For those who don't know, Jesse James now makes custom 1911's and custom AR's. His new company is Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.)

    Again....mods, if this post violates your TOS, remove it. If its OK, let me know if I can post further contact information.


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    Think that would still constitute a "raffle."

    You may request that John Pierce (send PM) make you a Forum Sponsor - there is a minor fee.
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