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Thread: Getting records from police just got harder

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    Getting records from police just got harder

    ^^^ not a final decision but likely will be

    Guy asks for video and some written statements of policemen from the Newtown shooting. Yes, police are still not providing records to the public relating to the shooting.

    The state police (Dept. of Emergency Srv. & Public Protection) refuse to provide the guy with the records sought. He sues at the FOI Commission.

    First off, the town had the video and he requested it from the town; the town should have provided him the video to begin with...but the town blew him off and sent him to the state police.

    So off he goes and the state police, surprise, jerk him around and end up telling him to drop dead.

    So files suit at the FOI Commission and they decide in his favor relating to the video but not in his favor relating to police statements. Because "witness statements" are exempt (meaning that they can but do not have to provide them to the public).

    What are they hiding that are in these police statements? And I think that police statements are not "witness" statements as the law intended.

    Now all statements and reports by police will likely be considered "witness statements".

    And the .govs can control the narrative on any subject and make almost any record a "witness statement".
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    ...And I think that police statements are not "witness" statements as the law intended...
    Agreed. Unless the officer happened to be there and, you know, witnessed the events, in which case, he also should not be allowed to be in on the investigation beyond being anything but a witness.
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