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Thread: Feds, states' lapses allow gun sales to prohibited buyers

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    Feds, states' lapses allow gun sales to prohibited buyers

    Feds, states' lapses allow gun sales to prohibited buyers

    The disagreement between ATF and FBI on the Fugitive from Justice category applies to one subset of that category, not the entire universe.
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    Bet the DoJ's IG investigators were dismayed when they didn't/couldn't consider those states whose FFLs are not mandated to utilize NICS before handing over a firearm to their customer.

    Course now this give impetus for those states, like NC, to push to get rid of their system during of impending overhaul i predict to come, possibly sooner rather than later, if one of the candidates overcomes their medical ailments and rises to the seat of power.

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    Point 1 : only those people who are not free are ineligible to buy. All laws trying to limit freemen their RKBA are void.

    Point 2 : Big deal, no where in the article does it say that anything negative has been the result of such sales transactions

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