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Thread: An open letter to Volokh Conspiracy readers who are Trump supporters, by David Post

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    An open letter to Volokh Conspiracy readers who are Trump supporters, by David Post

    The comments there are typically insightful and literate for the Volokh Conspiracy's commentariat. David Post is an establishment elite that just doesn't get it. I found the Flight 93 meme in the Alternative Right, while commentators there apparently developed it independently and expand on it quite nicely.
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    Many said that Reagan was "unstable". LOL And I know people in the EU thought this to be a foregone conclusion.

    I think it was this viewpoint of Reagan that helped speed the collapse of the USSR ... Its likely that they thought that Reagan was off his rocker too and more than willing to reign down a hell fire upon them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    The U.S. commander in chief has awesome, and virtually unconstrained, power to commit U.S. forces to battle
    Hey, dumbass, there's your problem. Not who has the power, but the fact that you gave it to the office in the first place.
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    Mr.Trump is the Aaron Burr of the 21st century, only difference is, Trump duels with his big mouth.

    My .02
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