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Thread: Record requests and .govs who clearly don't care about the law

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    Record requests and .govs who clearly don't care about the law

    Here's a story....of citizen FOIA requester, who had 3 lovely girls of his own [I may have just confused stories]....

    In JULY I requested to look at some emails of a lowly local .gov

    I got no response to my request wherein I was granted access

    So, knowing that the emails were sent/rec. from a private business acct [he used his employer's email system] I went to the employer and asked for the records from the business [if a business can hide such records is a good question ~ but it was just a request ~ one can ask for anything, right?] ... asked the employer in early Sept. for public records of emails in his system.

    Well, that got the ball rolling ! The .gov complained and howled that I went to his employer and demanded I be arrested...the .gov contacted their attny to see if this was possible.

    Disappointed that they learned that I could not be arrested, the head of the .gov contacted me and told me to schedule an appt to view the records that mysteriously were obtained in like 24 hrs after I contacted the employer of the .gov's records I sought.

    I of course sent a reply to the demand for an appt to inspect public records, shown below:

    sept ltr portion.PNG

    I rec. no response but this week I went over to inspect the records (I did not make an appt.) and was denied access to the records with the audio snip above being the reason why .. I needed to make an appt.

    LOL ... I'm sure I will get the records ... unless the guy's whose records they are likes me contacting his boss again and again.
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