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Thread: Spaniards, Exhausted by Politics, Warm to Life Without a Government

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    Spaniards, Exhausted by Politics, Warm to Life Without a Government

    “Spain would be just fine if we got rid of most of the politicians and three-fourths of government employees,” Rafael Navarro, 71, said inside his tiny storefront pharmacy in Madrid. Too little government is better than too much, he said.

    In some ways, this is a phantom crisis for ordinary Spaniards. There has been no United States-style government shutdown. There are no mounds of uncollected garbage, no unpaid police officers, no shuttered ministries, no public trains or buses halted.

    Budget money is still flowing. Government ministries are functioning. Social service recipients and civil servants are being paid. Even if no new government has been formed when the 2016 national budget expires this fall, the old budget will simply become the new budget for 2017.

    My daughter is a registered pharmacist - PharmD - in Illinois.
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    Hell, we've been doing that in Illinois for 18 months!!

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