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Thread: ‘No Guns Allowed’ Signs Removed From Lauderdale County Parks

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    ‘No Guns Allowed’ Signs Removed From Lauderdale County Parks

    I missed this earlier and did not find it posted elsewhere.

    Beautiful: ‘No Guns Allowed’ Signs to be Removed Removed From AL Parks
    "Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, AL In Lauderdale County, AL, the county commissioner is making a few changes to two public parks – Wheeler Dam campground on Alabama 101 near Elgin, and Brush Creek on Lauderdale 14 in the Wright community, east of Waterloo. Namely, the removal of signs banning guns from the recreation area as listed in the posted rules and regulations of the parks."

    " “I appreciate the commission for getting the issue taken care of,” Hopper said. “It was a pleasure dealing with them.” "

    "........this is another example of how one group of citizens can make a difference."
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