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Thread: Washington Gun sales, concealed-carry permits spike after Cascade Mall shooting

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    Washington Gun sales, concealed-carry permits spike after Cascade Mall shooting

    Mary Parker, of Anacortes, applied for a concealed-carry permit last week. She said she had been meaning to apply for the past several months, and the mall shooting served as the final push.

    “I want to make sure it would never happen to me and that if it did, I would be prepared,” Parker said. “I want to be in a place where I will never be afraid.”

    Demand for concealed carry permits has witnessed a similar boost. Anacortes Police Chief Bonnie Bowers released a statement indicating the demand for concealed carry permits is “eight times” as high as it was prior to the mall attack. And Lin Tucker, Sedro-Woolley police chief, said his department tied a one-day record for concealed permit applications in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Cascade Mall.
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    Some people will have an epiphany, a wake-up call,and realize that they need to take responsibility for their own safety. They are their own first responder.

    A number will stick their head further in the sand or other dark place and not wish to discuss it.

    The antis are sure to not let any such tragedy go unexploited. However, disarming the good people has never caused the criminals to falter.

    How many newbies have you taken to the range in the last year? Bring a noC friend to an OC meet 'n' greet - let him/her see that we are simply good people. We need to recruit more....and teach more.
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