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Thread: Billionaires Buying the Laws They Want- They’ve done it before!

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    Billionaires Buying the Laws They Want- They’ve done it before!

    "Rich people ARE different. When public opinion is against them, they simply buy the public policy they want. These people will make the rules for us if gun owners don’t speak up."

    "A longer version of this article, originally appeared in The Blaze under the title, “Not your Momma’s Free Market and is reprinted with their permission. By Jennifer Roback Morse."

    "I recently attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference with my husband. I learned that the gun rights movement is dealing with the same problem I’ve dealt with as a social conservative. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is the Sugar Daddy of the campaign to disarm law-abiding citizens. In social conservatism, we have Warren Buffett and George Soros and others to deal with. Maybe the pro-Second Amendment, pro-citizen self-defense movement should team up with the pro-life, pro-family movement."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    Thank you for the interesting tip, unfortunately the Beck-Blaze meme is too unpleasant for some to look.
    But, sometimes the most vile speaks the truth.

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