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Thread: Codevilla On The Coming Revolution: ďAmericans Will Be Nostalgic For Trumpís Moderati

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    Codevilla On The Coming Revolution: ďAmericans Will Be Nostalgic For Trumpís Moderati

    "We are nearing the climax of a watershed election. The Ruling Class understands that Donald Trump represents a counter-revolution to all they have built up over the last 50 years. That emphatically includes GOP leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan, who hastened not merely to step on Trump’s bounce back in the second debate by announcing he was suspending support, but is signaling he will continue to damage Trump as much as possible [Inside Ryan’s decision to (almost) dump Trump| The speaker might still fully rescind his endorsement before Nov. 8, sources told POLITICO, by Jakee Sherman and John Bresnahan, Politico, October 11, 2016]

    This phenomenon has inspired an important essay from Angelo M. Codevilla, a Senior Fellow of the Claremont Institute and emeritus professor of International Relations at Boston University, : After the Republic. [Claremont Review, September 27, 2016]. Codevilla’s basic idea: the cultural revolution of the last 50 years has destroyed America as a constitutional republic. As many on the Alt Right have noted, there is nothing left to conserve. The question now is where our post-republic period will take us.
    [ ... ]

    The essay:

    Lots of internal link URL's. Codevilla's e-mail address is an humorous subset of his name.

    Angelo Codevilla defined the Ruling Class in his seminal July 2010 essay America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

    Note the topical image that heads the essay page, from six loong years ago.
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