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Thread: Instructor pilot survivor, Jordanian intentionally crashed PA-34 near Pratt&Whitney

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    Instructor pilot survivor, Jordanian intentionally crashed PA-34 near Pratt&Whitney

    Flight student Feras Freitekh, 28, died Tuesday when the twin-engine plane he was flying crashed just outside the headquarters of Pratt & Whitney. His instructor survived the crash and told investigators it was no accident the Piper PA-34 Seneca exploded near the military and commercial jet engine maker’s complex.
    The National Transportation Safety Board released a statement Tuesday confirming the FBI’s involvement and indicators that “the crash is the result of an intentional act,”

    On Wednesday afternoon, the Associated Press said a "U.S. official familiar with the investigation" said it appears to have been a case of suicide, not terrorism.

    "The official says the flight instructor described the student pilot to police investigators as disgruntled about learning to be a pilot. The official says the instructor told police there was an altercation in the cockpit during their training flight, and the instructor was unable to regain control of the plane from the student pilot," the Associated Press said on Wednesday.

    East Hartford Police Lt. Josh Litwin confirmed that the crash was "intentional."
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