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Thread: Burn It Down, Donald! The Grumpy Old Party.

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    Burn It Down, Donald! The Grumpy Old Party.

    A delicious consolation has been presented to us. Even if, God forbid, Donald Trump should lose the election to Evil Hillary it appears as though he will burn down the Republican Party on his way out.

    In other words, while we are counting on him to win, the destruction of the establishment GOP would at least leave us in better shape than we would have been in if Trump had never thrown his hat in the ring. Hunter Wallace of Occidential Dissent has written extensively about this matter.

    "Trump supporters should turn against the Republican Party. After what I’ve seen this week, I don’t even care about the election anymore. [ ... ]"

    The GOP Should Suffer Carthage’s Fate

    There is not a spit of difference among the Ruling Parties, bad-cop worser-cop played on the political stage. "Elect us or you know what they will do to you."
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