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Thread: Denied Background check

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    Denied Background check

    I was denied gun purchase. I found that I have same name and birthday,( I was born 4/19/66, this guy was 4/19/96 ) as a convicted felon. Could that be reason I was denied, and sending in appeal form with finger prints should clear it up? Thanks
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    Welcome to OCDO.

    Your question depends on particular state law. I have PM'd the moderator to move your question to the Florida sub-forum. Welcome. Best wishes.
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    Welcome to OCDO. Moved the thread to Florida sub-forum. Local state specific help should be forthcoming.

    Meanwhile, look over the information contained in the link following:

    Question - if the person with the same name is not a relative, how did you find out about him?

    Did you include your social security number on the application? While it is optional when requested, that alone should solve the problem, IF the snafu is based on the wrong personal records being reviewed.
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