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Thread: Judge dismisses Newtown families' lawsuit against Remington Arms

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    Judge dismisses Newtown families' lawsuit against Remington Arms

    Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis on Friday granted a motion by Madison, North Carolina-based Remington Arms to strike the lawsuit by the families of nine children and adults killed and a teacher who survived the 2012 attack. A gunman killed 20 children and six adults at the school with an AR-15-style rifle.

    Bellis cited the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed by Congress in 2005 that protected gun makers from such lawsuits. The families' lawyers said their lawsuit was allowed under an exception to the act, but Bellis disagreed.
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    Lady Justice may be blind, but she doesn't come cheap. Defense of that suit must have cost Remington mega bucks to defend and the fat lady may not have sung her last in this extravaganza yet.
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    Defense of the suit may have indeed cost Remington some money, but they can afford such up front. They'll make up the "loss" in the long run by passing on the cost to consumers, which is the way any for-profit company works.

    However, the legal bill for the plaintiffs will have to be borne by those filing the lawsuit, who do not have deep pockets. Will their attorneys just write it off as "pro bono" work? Will Moms Against Everything kick in to help pay the legal bill?

    And, since it was a frivolous lawsuit, will Remington ask for the plaintiffs to pay for Remington's defense?

    It ought to be interesting....

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    Took long enough for something that never should have been let through in the first place to be tossed out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Statkowski View Post
    However, the legal bill for the plaintiffs will have to be borne by those filing the lawsuit, who do not have deep pockets.
    I dunno. I would be surprised if Bloomberg cash was not involved.
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