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Thread: EU News. Swedes Snap Up Illegal Batons and Stun Guns for Self-Defense.

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    EU News. Swedes Snap Up Illegal Batons and Stun Guns for Self-Defense.

    Despite Swedes' reputation as a peaceful and mild-mannered people, confiscations of batons at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport have exploded in 2016, Swedish state broadcaster SVT revealed. According to Swedish customs authorities, batons are being illegally ordered abroad by Swedish citizens for self-defense.
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    The customers are most often young men aged 18 to 35, who by their own admission want to protect themselves and their loved ones, yet elderly women also have been reported among baton buyers. Swedish authorities were obviously taken aback by the findings and failed to produce a reasonable explanation.
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    Whereas the Swedish authorities refused to speculate on the reasons why law-abiding Swedes have decided to arm themselves, the mass acquisition of illegal weapons seems to coincide with a surge in crime that hit urban areas across the country.

    I saw where in South Africa, guys would run flexible copper piping from a propane cylinder to the periphery of their car, so with the flip of a WOG valve attached to a little barbecue sparker, they could have six foot propane-fueled flames blowing up all around the car. Car-jackers might shoot if you pulled a gun, but suddenly finding themselves engulfed “en fuego” would hit the reset button and get them running.

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    your reference to what was seen RSA, regarding the flame thrower tactic is something that has been going on for years and is nothing new...

    it is a trick normally used by black citizen against black citizen... as mentioned to preclude the theft of their vehicle while stopped at the roundabouts.

    while the trick works on the novice, the harden car-jackers just shot their Rhodesia surplus and the flames ceased and the vehicle's owner was standing alongside of the road...

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