Hey guys i wanted to share my experience with the town of Simsbury. I have not heard anything about this town at all on this site so my input should be nice.

I handed in my application on October 5th. Everyone was very nice at the PD, no problems at all. Had everything in order, the records supervisor said 6 - 8 weeks.

Some info about me: White, mid to late 20's, clean record.

Hopefully it goes by quick, cant wait for the temp so i can run down to get my plastic. Would it be bad if i walked in to the PD at the 4 week mark or so to ask how everything is? Or is it just useless and i should let it run its course. I don't think it will go past the 8 week mark..but iv read so many horror stories on this site. Simsbury is not a large town.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Ill post back for answers or when i get the temp and someone can record the time. Thanks!